God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free

It’s Canada Day and as I was reflecting on how I feel about Canada, the country of my birth, I can say with sincerity there is no place I’d rather be. I love Canada!

I am proud to be Canadian and feel honoured, that so many people would leave their home countries to find a “better life” here in Canada. Even people from places we would consider to be paradise, with palm trees, oceans, beaches, sunshine and temperatures always in the double digits…sigh!…come to Canada the great white north. Selah.

Although Canada has made mistakes lately with same-sex marriage laws, the inappropriate sex-ed curriculum and the parading of gay pride; Canada still has over 95% of it’s population that hasn’t bowed to the devil and still seeks to live as God intended…man and woman / husband and wife. Individual “rights” will never stamp out or overcome righteousness so…

…Happy Birthday Canada! May you continue to seek TRUTH and PEACE.

Look to the heavens oh ye people, from where your help comes from, and remember the name of this great country, Dominion of Canada, comes from Psalm 72.

Christianity and God is Canada’s foundation. God’s spirit and sovereignty is woven into the fabric of our Canadian flag, the lyrics of our anthem, the preamble of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and therefore I rejoice and give testimony of our great God for creating such a great nation. This can never be undone because Canada would cease to exist and all the gains of the LGBT would be lost. How wonderful is our God who works all things to the good. Hallelujah!

I encourage you to read the whole chapter of Psalm 72 and know that God is still in control and will keep our land glorious and free as long as we stand on guard.

So today, I stand and declare Psalm 72:18-19:

(18) Praise be to the Lord God, the God of [Canada], who alone does marvelous deeds.
(19) Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen and Amen.

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  2. Mark Therrien says:

    We in ham ont Canada have a Red & White hot burning desire to see this nation of Canada to be shaken and awakened. God keep our land Glorious & Free is the full name of our God breathed and Holy Spirit anointed. We are extremely excited about what God is about to do in Hamilton Ontario Canada. God will keep our land Glorious and Free.

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