Canada: Remembering Your Identity at 150

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Happy Birthday Canada!

Today as we mark and celebrate your 150th year as an identified nation, I am thankful.

Even though many today will eat, drink and be merry because of the freedom you provide, I reflect on who you’ve become and I am a bit saddened; as I’m not sure you remember who you are.

Before you were formed, you were inhabited by many tribes and civilizations for thousands of years. These original people were spiritual people, caring people who had rich culture and family beliefs that enabled them to care for each other, the land and the animals that roamed your vast geography. What made you strong was not your tribal diversity, but your unity and harmony with all that was created to sustain life.

It was this harmony that was broken when other groups, of explorers, came and found a rich and prosperous land; which they immediately loved and decided to claim as their own.

It was this selfishness that displaced and or killed many of the original people, culminating in a seven-year war leaving what is now the Province of Quebec, divided into Upper and Lower Canada.

Eventually, these two colonies would reunify and in 1867 join with two other colonies – New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – and that is when you were “born.”

The original peoples would be pushed aside for many years, but nonetheless, you were born and had many great ideals and qualities which would eventually recognize the harm done to these original peoples.

Some of them were my ancestors along with those who gave you birth, so I am grateful.

I am Métis, and I hear many people mock you, Canada, for not having an identity, but I guess it’s not your fault.

In your acceptance of many, you often forget who we are and thus you are unable to relate your identity to others. Sometimes the clarity others have in who they are, causes you to diminish who you are, opting to accept being labelled as a “melting pot.”

No! You are more than a melting pot.

Though you just turned 150, as a distinct nation called Canada, your culture and ideals are thousands of years old.

In fact, it’s because of who you are, that many nations can co-exist within your great borders; in unity and harmony.

While many homelands falter and crumble under tyranny, selfishness, joblessness, oppression and war; Canada, you open your arms and welcome them in and say “you can start again with new hope and make your home here with us; Canadians.” However, there are still some who seek to undermine your core family values and morality, and as such you need to remember and stay committed to who you are.

A reminder of who you are

  • A spiritual people
    • Both the original peoples and our “Founding Fathers” recognized a power great than themselves
    • The Founding Fathers, thought it fit, to write scripture on our parliament buildings, and derive its name (The Dominion of Canada) from Psalm 72
    • Our national anthem reminds us to seek Him for protection and to keep our land glorious and free
    • Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms acknowledges Him as sovereign – It’s an old-fashion word that means supreme ruler / above all things
  • A welcoming, loving and peaceful people
    • Sometimes to our own detriment, we love, but I guess that’s why it’s love and not a right or reward
    • Today the number of nations who find their home here in relative harmony is a testimony to that
    • These ideals are from scripture and are exemplified by a God who sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to save a people who forgot who they were – John 3:16
  • A generous people
    • When the first colonies began to develop, the original peoples helped them through the tough winters – our Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder of that
  • A forgiving people
    • It took many decades, but the original peoples of this land are being recognized – we still have a long way to go
    • Let’s continue to forgive and right the many wrongs

Canada, today I remind you of who you are. Don’t forget that you are loved by God who is sovereign and His standards are what made you.


Our Father, who is in heaven, we honour you and ask you to keep Canada glorious and free. Allow your true and unfailing love – some would say “patriot love” – to be a guide and a reminder of what makes Canada the true north strong and free. Touch every heart and mind, from sea to shining sea, with your holy spirit. Amen.

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